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Providing top-tier care for your technical needs to help ensure your business success.

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Making tech problems
(and your worries) vanish.

We know what it feels like to face technical issues with no solutions and not be able to find the expert help you need.

If you’re like us, you’ve realized how tiring it is to try team after team with no results. You’ve likely wondered if there was any IT expertise out there that would solve your tech headaches so you can go back to focusing on your actual work. You want your technology to support your success—not hinder it with problems and expensive IT solutions.

At Alakazam, we get it.

Put those worries away. For the past 5+ years, we’ve helped dozens of companies overcome the negative cycle of inefficient IT teams.

We are committed to helping you resolve your tech problems so you can stop feeling overwhelmed.

The process is simple—set up a call, we’ll see what your company needs, and we’ll draft a plan designed to bring your technical infrastructure to the Alakazam standard. We believe in serving our clients as if we were all on the same team—because we are. You deserve peace of mind. We help you solve your tech worries so you can put your focus into what really matters: your business.

Set up a call today so we can get started.


The Alakazam MISSION WE ARE ALAKAZAM, the unified effort to revolutionize the IT industry.

We provide the best service through attention to detail and care for our clients. We achieve our service goals by communicating openly and working together with Commitment, Loyalty, and Trust.

We’re a group of dedicated IT experts who work together. This mission statement is not the draft of a couple executives—but the combined commitment of every member of the Alakazam team.

We Are Alakazam


Clear Understanding

We get to the bottom of your tech problems and always update you as things change and improve.

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No-Hassle Agreements

We work on your tech projects and problems without needling you about over-budget hours.

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Relationships Built on Success

We resolve your IT problems so your tech tools help create success like they should.

The best of Utah valley
The best of Utah valley
The best of Utah valley

Meet Gavin Brewer,
Founder of Alakazam

Gavin comes from a 10-year-long career in corporate IT work. Always at the helm of his teams, he knows first-hand how a successful IT team creates a successful business.

Your IT tools are supposed to benefit you, not trip you up every couple weeks with bugs and network vulnerabilities. Gavin wanted to find a better way to provide service that produced real results.

In a world where IT is about one-off projects and hourly rates, Gavin decided to found a company designed with one goal: to provide the valuable IT services that come with trust and commitment rather than chasing a dollar.

Someone once said “[Another IT company] is in the business of getting clients—Alakazam’s in the business of keeping them.” And Gavin knew he’d made the right choice.

There’s no need to guess if you’ll make the right choice. Call Gavin and Alakazam and see how quality care combines with the Alakazam standard to ensure your company’s success.


No More IT Frustrations

You’re not looking for an IT team because things are going great—you’re looking for a team because there are problems that need fixing.

Maybe you’ve tried a few times and keep getting poor results. Alakazam ends that frustration by focusing on the relationship and support that takes care of you.

By avoiding hourly budgets and providing hardware sales only when you need it, we get to know your company and your tech challenges. Have the confidence that your IT team has you covered.


“If you are in need of IT support and want a team that will take care of you and become an extension of your business you need to give his team a call.”

Douglas Tilton
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“Gavin is a true professional and really cares about his clients and their experience.”

Kaleb Crafts
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“I switched IT companies to Alakazam 2 years ago and it has been a great fit for my company. The quality of service and customer service have been exceptional.”​

Jared Thomas
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